Coaches and team leaders are always trying to get the best out of each athlete. Their choice of a trustful and healthy nutrition is therefore equally important to the choice of the equipment they use.

BOOOM products are developed in close collaboration with professional athletes and have been available for only a selected group of professionals for several years. During the development process there has been a constant focus on the needs of the athletes and the natural character that all products needed to have, without sacrificing “taste” or “variety”.

Thanks to these years of experience on a professional level we can provide you today with safe and trusted products to be used BEFORE / DURING / and AFTER the activity. Convince yourself and ask for our products at your closest BOOOM dealer.

We also have a special sponsorship program for teams / clubs and organisations which we would love to discuss with you on an individual base. Would you like to sell the BOOOM products in your store or webshop? Contact email: or phone: +32 473 174 165