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BOOOM - Pure Energy Bar

Endurance BOOOM Pure Energy Bar

BOOOM energy bars are developed in close collaboration with top athletes and contain divers nutrients essential during sport. This energy bar distinguish itself from all other bars as this one doesn’t melt, is easy to eat and digest, has a 100% natural character but most of all because it is very tasteful.

Besides being a source of natural energy this bar is rich in magnesium (50mg) which contributes in a reduction of fatigue and a support for the muscles. These bars also contain copper, potassium, calcium, minerals as well as a small amount of proteins (BCAA) which helps you in keep you going. Several professional athletes and teams have chosen this remarkable energy bar already to be used during their trainings and competitions because of the perfect balance between the nutritive values, taste, perfect mix of ingredients and the easiness to eat it during the activity.